curtain wall, windows, doors & roof lights

curtain wall, windows, doors and roof lights

Glassal designed and installed curtain wall, windows and roof lights onto Greenside which is a comprehensively refurbished office building in Edinburgh.

The reception area was extensively remodelled and glazed with curtain wall screens that include automatic sliding entrance doors and electrically operated smoke control doors. Elsewhere new openings were formed within the existing stone facades that were glazed with curtain walling and windows. New roof openings where structurally glazed with curtain walling to provide a completely flush external surface that was set to a fall of 5 degrees.

Elsewhere the retained curtain walling as extensively re-glazed, including areas of spandrel glazing that were glazed with vision glass, thereby significantly increasing the amount of natural light entering the building. The replacement glass had to be carefully selected in order to match the tint of the original glazed units. On the top level the glass strength was enhanced to provide glass guarding where external handrails had been removed.

New fire exit doors were installed to the circulation areas and meeting rooms throughout the building.

Products: Curtain wall, windows, doors, glazing system refurbishment, replacement glazing, glass enhancement

Type: Commercial

Location: Blenheim Place, Edinburgh