Queensferry Crossing

abutment glazing

abutment glazing

Glassal designed and installed the glazing to the north and south abutments of the new Queensferry Crossing.

Working along with the project team Glassal developed a detailed specification for the glass and fittings that met the 120 year design life requirements.

Toughened glass was laminated with ionoplast interlayers which are clear but do not weather, unlike the more commonly used PVB interlayers, on the external edges of the glass. The glass is fixed to the structure using duplex steel bolts and fittings that resist the corrosive effects of a harsh marine environment.

Each pane is a different size and shape and therefore the production and delivery of glass to site had to be carefully co-ordinated in order to achieve the requirements of a very demanding programme.

Products: Canopy glazing

Type: Transport

Location: South Queensferry, Edinburgh